4 Star rating to SAIP-IIC from the Ministry of Education


Sri Aurobindo Institute of Pharmacy, Indore Institute Innovation Council (SAIP-IIC) has received a 4 Star rating from the Ministry of Education (MoE), Government of India. MoE has also declared SAIP-IIC as one of the top-performing IICs in the country.

SAIP is one of the only two pharmacy institutes in the entire Central Zone of AICTE to be badged by a 4-star ranking. The credit for this laurel goes to the events and activities like workshops, sessions, talks, and discussions, conducted by SAIP-IIC on entrepreneurship, startup, and innovation.  

What is SAIP-IIC?

Aligning to the mission of the Ministry of Education, the Govt. of India’s ‘Innovation cell’ (MIC) which is to systematically foster the culture of Innovation in all Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) across the country, Sri Aurobindo Institute of Pharmacy established Sri Aurobindo Institute of Pharmacy’s Institution Innovation Council(SAIP – IIC).


SAIP – IIC aims to encourage, inspire and nurture young students by exposing them to new ideas and processes resulting in innovation and entrepreneurship. It will work under the MIC and will focus on creating a complete ecosystem that will foster the culture of innovation among the students from ideas generation to pre-incubation, incubation, and graduating from the incubator as successful start-ups.

Focus Areas

  1. To disseminate knowledge and insights about entrepreneurship, innovation & IPR through lectures activities, and workshops.
  2. To create a strong network of successful entrepreneurs who would like to guide the students thus budding entrepreneurs.
  3. To create an Ecosystem for the students which will talk only about ideas, idea generation, converting ideas into reality, prototypes, MVP, thus early-stage entrepreneurs “STARTUPS”

Function Area/Thrust Area as guided by MIC:

  1. Inspiration, Motivation, and thus Ideation.
  2. Idea Validation & Concept Development
  3. Prototype, Design, Process Development for Business Model/ Process/ Services.
  4. Awareness about Startup and related Ecosystem


The activities completed under IIC are as follow:

  1. A Workshop on Entrepreneurship & Innovation as a Career Opportunity
  2. Idea Generation Workshop
  3. An Orientation Session on National Education Policy 
  4. An Orientation Session on National Innovation & Startup Policy 
  5. From Ideas to Reality – A Journey of a Pharma Graduate to an Innopreneur 
  6. Tete e Tete with Mr. Kumbhoje 
  7. Developing an Entrepreneurial Mindset
  8. Innovation Risk Diagnostic – Product Innovation Rubric
  9. Innovating Self Screen & Identifying the Right Opportunities

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