Bachelor of Design

Communication Design

Communication Design

In the fast-paced world of visual communication, the Communication Design specialization at CDS-SAIT empowers students to become masters of impactful storytelling and effective idea communication across various media platforms.

Within the Communication Design specialization, students delve into the art of creating compelling visual narratives and effectively conveying complex ideas through various media channels.

Our curriculum seamlessly blends practical, hands-on projects with a strong theoretical foundation, allowing students to develop a profound understanding of design principles and practices. Through in-depth exploration of typography, illustration, and photography, students develop a strong foundation in visual storytelling, branding, and advertising. They learn how to craft captivating visual narratives that engage and captivate audiences, bringing ideas to life with creativity and precision. Advantages of Communication Design Specialization at CDS-SAIT:

  • Compelling Visual Storytelling: Learn to create captivating visual narratives that effectively communicate complex ideas.
  • Diverse Skill Set: Develop expertise in typography, illustration, and photography for versatile design capabilities.
  • Strong Foundation in Branding and Advertising: Gain knowledge and skills in creating impactful brand identities and effective marketing campaigns.
  • Real-World Experience: Apply skills to practical projects, building a portfolio and preparing for the demands of the design industry.

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