Excursion Visit to Shri Murarilalji Tiwari Smriti Gaushala Organized by SAIM&S


Sri Aurobindo Institute of Management & Science has organized an excursion visit to Gaushala as a part of community Services on 28th of March, 2023.

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Shri Murarilalji Tiwari Smriti Gaushala is an animal protection organization situated at Sanwer Road, Indore. It is a charitable trust, animal welfare organization and a cowshed. It was established in 2003.

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Since then, the organization has been protecting cows and calves from animal trafficking and poor conditioning as non-profit. They provide shelter, food, and care to more than 350 cows.

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The students had a unique experience during the excursion since it was one of the first batches from the existing batch of SAIM&S students to participate in community services. The animal caretaker provided a complete guided tour and gave a detailed description of how the animals are being taken care of.

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Students also learned about the advantages and medical applications of cow urine and cow-dung. Also, they discovered how to care for cows when they are sick.

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