How to Write a Research Paper?

Research a tool for building knowledge and facilitating learning. It’s a means to understand issues and increase public awareness. It helps us succeed in business. It allows us to disprove lies and support truths. Rajesh Patidar, BBA Final year student presents the Research Paper at 1st International Conference on “Sustainable Development Goals: Policy Implementation Challenges And Opportunities (IC-SDGPICO)” Sponsored by All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) held on March 12-13, 2022 Modern Institutes of Professional Studies,(MIPS) Indore, titled “A study on Impact of Climate Changes on economic development of India” under the guidance of Dr Richa Darshan.

The research paper helps the students to inculcate and learn skills from writing a research paper that cannot be learned from other academic writings. These skills that you will develop from writing a research paper will help you in achieving academic success. Writing a research paper will help you develop or improve your reading skills. It helps you in developing reading for critical evaluation not just for the purpose of knowledge. It helps you develop reasoning skills as you read any article or book to collect sources for your research paper. It helps you think differently and think out of the box when you read something. You develop the skill of making conclusions from what you read and ask questions from yourself whether you agree with it or not. Writing is essential to the completion of a research paper and hence it helps you develop good writing skills.

Writing a research paper helps you understand the process of scientific discovery and then how to document that because without documentation it cannot reach other people. You learn the basic process of writing a thesis, dissertation or future scholarly essay. Writing a research report gives you a head start on future scholarly works.

The student not only learns the process of research that is selecting a topic, reviewing the literature, collecting data and evaluating data but it also helps you understand how to find answers to a question scientifically so in the session students were given guidance about how to write a research paper and what are constraints of writing a research paper were explained and Mr Rajesh Patidar made the research paper by the proper systematic process.

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