SAIP Celebrates World Entrepreneurship Day

Event Type: Celebration

 Event Theme: World Entrepreneurship Day

 Date: 21/08/2022

 Time: 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM

 Duration: 1.30 hours.

 Venue: SAIP, Indore (M.P.)

 Mode: online.

 Organizing Body: SAIP-IIC

 No. of faculties: 20

 No. of students: 231

 Non-teaching staff: 05

 Speaker Details: Mr Apurva Gaiwak, Coordinator and CEO at Center for incubation, design and incubation facilities, SGITS Indore and SGSITS Indore forum.

 Event Coordinator: Mrs Neha Upadhyay.

 Report Courtesy: Mrs Neha Upadhyay, Associate Professor, SAIP

 Objective of the event:

 To provide the attendees with a broad idea about Entrepreneurship and its importance and to give an idea about the incubation process, design and incubation facilities.

 Event Details:

The workshop began with the introduction of Entrepreneurship from the beginning to evolving phase, the formation of the incubation unit and its functions. The speaker explained to the students the steps to be followed when one has an innovative idea to execute. The speaker also explained the benefits of entrepreneurship.

 Benefit in terms of learning/skills/knowledge obtained

 The workshop on the topic of entrepreneurship and incubation unit gave a boost to students to think about creating employment opportunities. The workshop motivated students to think about a startup and to know the criticality to foster innovation. The idea of setting up an incubation unit and its importance was explained in the workshop.

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