SAIP Organizes Industrial Visit to Centre for Innovation, Design and Incubation (CIDT), SGITS, Indore

Event Type: Demo Day Visit

Date: 26/08/2022

Time: 11:00 am to 1:00 pm

Duration: 2 Hr 00 Mins Venue: SGSITS

Mode: Offline

Organizing Body: SAIP-IIC

No. of Participants: 33

No. of faculties: 02

No. of students: 32

Speaker Details:

Mr Abhi Chouhan Secretarial assistant, SGSITS, Indore

Event Coordinator: Ms Kiran Verma, Innovation Ambassador & Assistant Professor, SAIP

Report Courtesy: Ms Sakshi Bhawsar, student SAIP.


Objective of the event:

To make a visit to the Center for Innovation, Design, and Incubation SGSITS Indore, SGSITS Incubation Forum Indore and SGSITS Idea lab to make students aware of the Startup facilities and developing an Ideas or Innovation into a product with the help of the platform offered through these centres more precisely.

Event Details:

AICTE IDEA Lab Is proposed to be developed by SGSITS Indore in collaboration with AICTE NEW DEHLI. The Lab will facilitate UG PG students and research scholars to pursue their innovative ideas in the emerging field of engineering, Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare and provide facilities towards to the development of new and innovative products. 

SGSITS Incubation Forum is created with the objective to create a vibrant ecosystem for technology development and Entrepreneurship.


  1. To align with national priorities – jobs and wealth creation through impactful businesses
  2. To act as a platform for technology commercialization
  3. To support Startups

Benefit in terms of learning/skills/knowledge obtained

1) The attendees were able to understand the main objective of CIDI and SIF to Inculcate Innovation, Design Thinking and Incubation activities in Technology and Science for the socioeconomic growth of society in general and students in particular

2) Discuss the ways in which any idea which has Applications in healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Technical and other fields can be nourished and developed into a product with the help of support, guidance and incubation facilities provided at the platform provided by the Institute.

3) Understanding the trademarks and different types of Resources provided in the centre –

  • Oscilloscope
  • Programmable triple channel output DC power supply
  • A programmable digital storage oscilloscope
  • Programmable Arbitrary waveform generator
  • 5 Digital Programmable digital multimeter
  • PCB Prototyping machine
  • Seismograph & Seismogram
  • 3D Printer

 4) Discuss the various startups that originated at the Idea Lab.

5) Communicating the Thematic Areas of SGSITS Incubation Forum [SIF] – Helps in knowing about the skill     developed at that location

List of Thematic Areas of Operations is as:

  • Medtech
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food and Agritech
  • Logistics related to smart city and smart village
  • Environment
  • Products and Services related to Industry 4.0
  • Product and Services for Armed Forces

6) Providing knowledge about the offerings which are provided to entrepreneurs and startups.

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