SAIT Conducts Expert Talk on “Concepts of Cryptography”

On September 06th 2022, the Computer Science department of Sri Aurobindo Institute of Technology organise an expert talk on “Concepts of Cryptography” to impart knowledge on Security Ethics to the students. Renowned subject experts from Aston University B47ET Birmingham United Kingdom, deliver their expert talk on different aspects of Cryptography. This event was conducted under in association with IEEE Computer Society- Madhya Pradesh Chapter, CSI Indore & ACM Indore.


The invited guests were Dr Nitin Naik, Professor, School of Engineering and Applied Science, Aston University B4 7ET Birmingham the United Kingdom, College of Engineering and Physical Sciences, Senior Lecturer in Cyber Security, Computer Science. Prof G S Tomar, Chairman IEEE MP Section were also present virtually to grace the occasion. The program started with welcoming all the dignitaries at 11:00 AM. The guest was welcomed by a bouquet of flowers by Dr Durgesh Mishra, Director.

After the flower welcome, Dr Durgesh Mishra; Director SAIT gave the welcome address and briefed us about the event. Prof. Neha Dubey Introduced Dr G. S. Tomar. Later, Dr G S Tomar called for his address.

Dr Naik delivered his talk on “Concepts of Cryptography”. He has covered various aspects of and the role of Cryptography and why it is essential in the present era. He started with a definition of Cryptography and covered core concepts of Cryptography like Message / Data Confidentiality, Message/ Data Integrity, Message/ Data Authentication & Non-repudiation which is very useful for our students. He told that Message/ Data Confidentiality refers to protecting a message (data) against unintentional, unlawful or unauthorised access or theft. Integrity refers to ensuring that a message (Data) has not been tampered with or altered while in transit. Message /Data Authentication refers to ensuring message integrity and verifying the authenticity of the source of the message. Non-repudiation refers to the assurance that the source cannot deny the validity of their communication. The introduction of Dr Nitin Naik was given by our Prof. Shweta Gupta.

At last, the guest was honoured with a token of remembrance by Director sir and a vote of thanks by our Head of Department Prof Trapti Sharma.

Around 200 students and faculty members attended the workshop in offline mode and 20 participants in the online mode of various streams.



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