SAIT Impact Lecture Series (Phase 2) – Session 2

Ministry of Education’s Innovation Cell (MIC) has selected the Institution Innovation Council of Sri Aurobindo Institute of Technology Indore (SAIT-IIC) for Phase II of the Impact Lecture Series to conduct two online sessions by experts on the theme Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Start-up, IPR or Incubation.

Institution’s Innovation Council established at Sri Aurobindo Institute of Technology Indore helps in planning, channelizing and organising the-year activities in the areas of innovation, entrepreneurship and IPR to sensitise and motivate students and faculties to pursue innovation and start-up during their academic.

Conduct impact lecture sessions in Sri Aurobindo Institute of Technology Indore are one of the IIC program’s approaches to supporting IIC institutions to generate awareness on innovation, IPR and start-up in such institutions with funding assistance from MIC & AICTE. The impact lecture sessions in selected IIC institutions will not only streamline campus innovation and start-up ecosystem but also help in establishing a strong connection with ecosystem enablers at the regional and national level, and aware students and faculty members of the innovation ecosystem in their surrounding and at the national level.


Sri Aurobindo Institute of Technology Indore also got associated with IEEE Computer Society and Computer Society of India for technical support in Session I of the Impact Lecture Series.

Under the Impact Lecture Series scheme, Sri Aurobindo Institute of Technology Indore conducted Session I on July 1, 2022, on the theme innovation-Entrepreneurship and Start-up. Renowned and experienced experts were invited from Ahmedabad and Pune to deliver an expert talk. The details of individual lectures are given below.

Session I | Lecture 2

Session I Lecture I of the Impact Lecture Series was conducted on 1 July 2022 at 12:30 PM. More than 170 students were pre-registered through an online form.

Arjun PanchalThe expert of the first lecture was Mr Arjun Panchal. Mr Arjun Panchal is an entrepreneur, startup mentor, author and public speaker. He is a startup mentor at SIBM, Pune, IIT Bombay, and Innovation Cell, Ministry of Education.

He has mentored more than entrepreneurs and assessed around 3000 BPlans in the span of the last 6 years. He was also awarded for his “Contribution to Entrepreneurship Ecosystem” by the Shri Balaji Society.

He also wrote a book “What Happens in America” portraying a story of the Indian students’ life in the US and their diverse experiences w.r.t. the change in culture, relationships, struggle, and fun. It is for all the ones who aspire to go to the US for higher studies.

The title of the second lecture was “Business Model Mastery”. It was an interactive session between the speaker and the participants. He explained various business models with the help of various case studies. He focused on the various methods by which a start-up becomes a profitable business. He also discussed why many start-ups failed in the early stages of their inception.

At the end of the session, participants have gone through an assessment cum feedback, based on which certificates were given to the participants.

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