Virtual Industrial visit  by the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, SAIT organized a Virtual Industrial visit in collaboration with the students of Hyderabad Electrical and Electronics Engineering (HIEE)  to 132kV Substation.

As a part of this virtual visit, the students got to learn about the substation that typically serves three main purposes. One is to transform the voltage from one level to another, another is to provide sectionalizes or devices that can be used to isolate and protect equipment such as circuit breakers and disconnects, and lastly, the third is to control the system voltage. The students also learned about different types of equipment connected to power substations like Lightening arrestors, capacitor voltage transformers ( C V T), Wave traps, Current transformers, Isolators with earth switches, Circuit breakers, Line isolators, BUS, Potential transformers with a bus isolator, Isolator, Lightening arrestors, Transformer, Lightening arrestors with earth switch, Bus, Potential transformer with a bus isolator, and a capacitor bank attached to the bus.

industry visit sait doe

The students saw the functioning of various equipment and their use at the substation. They also learned about the purpose of a substation, which is to ‘step down’ high voltage electricity from the transmission system to lower voltage electricity so it can be easily supplied to homes and businesses in the area through lower-voltage distribution lines.

Through this virtual visit, students also learned about the control and relay parts that are used to control the operations of breakers, isolates, through protective relays installed on these panels various protection schemes for transformers, lines, etc that are provided on these panels. AC & DC DB’S which are used for extending A.C. & D.C. supplies whenever required through various circuits.

During the virtual visit, students were shown the Power Transformer, Isolator, Wave Trap, Circuit Breaker Lightning Arrester, CT, PT & other equipment connected in the Switchgear and Control room. Students enthusiastically attended this session and also discussed their queries with the experts. 

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